Smart Buildings and IOT

The Internet of things and smart building appliances have revolutionised the way we think about site management. With this in mind, we’ve created support packages that will allow our experienced team to manage a site’s entire technology environment. 

We currently support IT & AV systems for over 350 clients in the U.K. and have been providing strategic IT support across London for the past 17 years. We cover the following specialties: 

  • IT Support, Monitoring, and Reporting 
  • Project Management and Procurement 
  • Hardware and Software Updates and Migrations 
  • Cloud and Remote Access Solutions 
  • IT and AV Design and Support for Special Events 
  • Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning 
  • Building and Data Security Monitoring 
  • Annual Technology Design Audits 

Request a callback from our smart building team to start your journey towards a managed IT and AV solution that will inspire you with confidence. 


Driving innovation, we are constantly looking forward to the next level of digital transformation. Working with cutting edge technological advancements such as; artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, industrial 5G, blockchain and additive manufacturing, we create intelligent buildings which facilitate blended information technology and operation technology, enabling the smart usage of data.

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