Our Design Philosophy

Our highly experienced team of designers have a thorough understanding of the control technologies, strategies, and tools that are pivotal to optimising building performance. Every hardware and software option is a tool in our toolbox, allowing us to craft an efficient management solution that everyone involved can be proud of.

We select a suite of state of the art solutions to create the optimum management plan for your building. Our team works closely with technology and business organisations to create control capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost, but also addresses tomorrow’s needs for enhanced business and operational capabilities enabled by converged networks.

The specialist team designs systems using reliable engineering and control principles across many fields including Building Management Systems, Process Control, Power Management, and Materials Handling. Their breadth of experience and the quality of personnel ensures that they will complete projects to optimal standards.

We are constantly evaluating new offerings in the industry. Only the highest quality hardware and software options are considered by the design team. If adopted, our people get all of the necessary training and certifications required to integrate these exciting new products into our suite of potential solutions. Finally, we vet all of our industry partners to make sure that their standards are just as high as our own.


Driving innovation, we are constantly looking forward to the next level of digital transformation. Working with cutting edge technological advancements such as; artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, industrial 5G, blockchain and additive manufacturing, we create intelligent buildings which facilitate blended information technology and operation technology, enabling the smart usage of data.


Electracom Integration is committed to offering optimum technologies including:

  • Trend
  • BACnet
  • Tridium
  • LonWorks

Our experience tells us that the organisations achieve the greatest benefits from an integrated approach by establishing and following a long-term plan. But that does not mean we ignore important technological advances. Periodic review and reevaluation of existing technology allows us to find suitable upgrades that will further improve a site’s performance while reducing costs in the long term.

In short: Electracom Integration’s solutions enable organisations to achieve significant system performance improvements and efficiencies. Combining the best of business, industry, and technical expertise, we can help implement a custom integrated building environment by meeting the specific needs of customers, now and into the future.

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