Every project that Electracom takes on is treated as an opportunity to show our excellence, no matter how big or small.

In our planning and consultation phase, we work with each client to set aggressive, but realistic, goals and targets. We walk through the plans, the estimates, and our projected delivery times in advance so that there are no surprises.


Industry Insights

Driving innovation, we are constantly looking forward to the next level of digital transformation. Working with cutting edge technological advancements such as; artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, industrial 5G, blockchain and additive manufacturing, we create intelligent buildings which facilitate blended information technology and operation technology, enabling the smart usage of data.


We design the most efficient building management system, always keeping in mind time, budget, and goals. By treating every project as a unique entity even if we’ve done similar things in the past, we can be sure that we’re using the latest and most efficient technology for the job at hand.

Once we have the optimal design, our team and technology partners supply, install, and test every faucet of the new building management system. Our testing ensures that requirements are met, even in the most demanding of environments. After getting back all of the readings and benchmarks, we do a final round of fine tuning. That way we can ensure each system is optimised, saving on long term costs and reducing the site’s environmental footprint.

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