White City Place Westworks: Shell and Core Refurbishment with Cat A Fit-Out

A  £1.5m project to re-vitalise a 292,000 sqft six storey office building at the ex-BBC site in White City.

Scope of project

To undertake the shell and core refurbishment and CAT A fit-out works of a 292,000 sqft six storey office building with floor plates in excess of 50,000 sqft which had been stripped of all services, and implement an efficient contract Building Energy Management System.

Electracom is the preferred BMS supplier for Stanhope and Mitsui and worked under a CM contract for Lendlease Construction and their team of trade contractors on this project, providing full technical and commercial support throughout the construction process.

Electracom met the aspirations of the client and their professional team without commercial penalty by using simple rules of:

  • no re-invention-of-the-wheel design philosophy
  • tried and tested products and control logic
  • repetitive, distributed control such that each element of delivery is bite-sized and manageable

Electracom provided:

  • clear and concise documentation to suit the potential levels of labour resource with easy to understand installation directions for highly repetitive processes.
  • multi-tenancy control options to allow complete flexibility of future CAT B occupations.
  • multi-service metering of the tenancies to provide accurate reporting of energy use and export to a landlord-verified billing solution, allowing recovery of energy spend.
  • a Trend solution to provide control of centralised LPHW and CHW plant with 12 main office space AHU’s serving the numerous building risers.

Key drivers in the successful implementation:

  • Equipment interfaces
  • Control philosophy
  • Data management

Summary of works:

  • 54 plant control enclosures
  • 620 fan convector units controller sets
  • 30 toilet transfer fan coil units controller sets
  • 120 supply air CAV boxes controller
  • 354 meters comprising heat (LPHW & CHW), water, gas, electricity

Interface schedule:

Electracom specialise in delivering interface schedules which remove the commercial risk of scope gap and also the danger of doubling-up on scope. These are developed with all trade contractors, and provide pictorial definition of scope that is easy to understand regardless of each contractor’s own discipline.

The interface schedules have proved most effective when deployed prior to contract placement to ensure output cost equals input cost by clarifying package scope and preventing domestic variations, cross-charges and wasted time in agreeing accounts.

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