We implement a range of energy management solutions using the latest technology to provide completely flexible and responsive control to save both energy and costs.

Our solutions cover all aspects of electrical installation
• Power
• Controls
• Data

Each solution is designed for the specific building to deliver exactly what it needs – comfort for the occupants whilst actively implementing initiatives to achieve environmental compliance, including building and emissions legislation, and maximum energy savings.

Our specialist team configures buildings to operate on a demand driven basis so they only run when they need to. Leveraging key industry experience and using integration skills to interconnect heating, cooling and lighting, we provides a comprehensive suite of energy management and energy reduction solutions.

We create intelligent buildings which work with their environment to maximise the use of the resources around them – such as the ambient temperature and available sunlight – whilst ensuring that services work together on a demand-driven basis to significantly reduce energy consumption. This includes:

• Full metering solution packages
• Optimising air flow within a room based on physical occupancy
• Maximise natural ventilation and free cooling where possible
• Implementing state-of-the-art analytics we can deliver energy savings of up to 10%